Florent introduces Tawö 🙂

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Who is Florent, the man behind Tawö ?

Born into a modest family, Florent Albero grew up with the Red Cross at the age of 5. His parents were volunteers for the association, and he has always felt concerned about social
differences. He joined the army at the age of 18 and went on a mission to Sarajevo as a UN peacekeeper, where he first discovered the great misery and distress of children living in
these countries. His encounter with the children of Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, would stay with him forever. Witnessing malnutrition and poverty, he became fully
aware of the importance of his commitments. Thanks to his job as a real estate dealer, he was able to invest in one of his dreams, one that is closest to his heart and is now coming to
life: to help the poorest people in the world, because, for Florent Albero, humanity has no borders.

His 4-year-old son is the one who came up with the idea of creating Tawö, a video game with a humanitarian purpose to help the most disadvantaged children. In January 2014, as they were walking down the streets of the Calidonia neighborhood of Panama City, they passed a child, barefoot.
This scene, however common and unremarkable for an adult, marked his little boy who then asked him, “Daddy, why doesn’t he have shoes?” This humanitarian project then took different forms and became more defined as the years went by. First, they came up with a solidarity-based economic model for the sale of shoes (one bought, one donated), then later invented the character of Tawö, to raise awareness of his cause. Florent Albero has come along way since then, and without his unfailing commitment, many would have thrown in the towel in what appears to be a bold entrepreneurial project. The Angoulême-based company Tawö, which is responsible for this project, aims to make the most of these years of commitment and diverse experiences by collaborating with local digital imaging specialists to achieve a unique vision of what a video game connected to the real world can bring.

“Daddy, why doesn’t that kid have shoes?”

With this simple question asked by Florent’s son, Toni, aged 4, the whole adventure began...

The idea behind the Tawö Project took shape in Calidonia, one of the poorer neighborhoods of Panama City, in 2014.

In 2019, we decided together to release the worlds first humanitarian mobile game. A clicker game that, over several generations, could save millions of lives. 

“Tawö is a family story that dates back almost 10 years and yet is only just beginning.” Florent.