Tawo in english

Tawo in english
TAWO? What it is about?


Tawo is a humanitarian game located at Bordeaux in France which saves real lives of malnourished children. It is an addictive mobile game which fights against world hunger. Today, the goal is to offer 500 000 meals to children in need. We donate the money to the WFP (World Food Program) which is an organization helping children around the world. Actually, WFP is organizing humanitarian help in Ukraine. These children of war are particularly in need of help and security. Playing Tawö also means to save the lives of Ukrainian children.

A complete Update of Tawö!


Yes! We realized a complete new design of the mobile game Tawö. The game is now a  clicker game: “the click heart” => click and save lives. The game has been largely tested to offer you a more intuitive experience. Tawö will occupy the hollow moments of your day. Additionally, donations can be done directly via the application. We need your help in order to make this humanitarian project a success.

A new Design


As for the video game, the design of Tawö has changed. We worked like crazy to make the visual experience more enjoyable. We have completely redesigned the image of Tawö and the universe of the application. The drawings are now more realistic and colorful.

A new Website


We did not only redesign the video game, but we also updated our website. You will now discover the history of Tawö, its objectives and friends which is very fascinating. The Site is now available in English.

Click to save lives


As suggested by the name “The click heart”, the game is designed to save lives by clicking. The rules are simple. Join the universe of Tawö and follow him. The time you spend with the game has a real impact on the lives of malnourished children. Playing a video game has never been more realistic ! You can also make donations via the application or via our website : https://jeu-tawo.com

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