The fundraising

The fundraising

Fundraising: how does it work?

Fundraising is a financing technique that consists of bringing investors into the share capital of a company. There is also crowdfunding donation against donation, companies offer a reward in exchange for a donation.

We can see a lot of Humanitarian projects coming out, but what more symbolic than a project started by a father and his son. The Tawo project was born in Caledonia, one of Panama City’s poor neighbourhoods in 2014. In 2019, Florent Albero and his son decide together to release the world’s first mobile game with a humanitarian vocation. A clicker that, over several generations, could save millions of lives. Today the first fundraising campaign is launched to enable Tawö to change the world.

I/The goal of running a campaign

After eight years of work, funding more than 15,000 meals, we have managed to gather more than 4,100 players around the world. However, there is still a lot of work to do so that our video game can help as many people in need and hope to reach the exceptional number of 500,000 meals.

 But first let’s start by raising 1,500 euros, or 1,500 meals funded for children, with this initiative for users, committed association and NGO concerned.

If this objective is achieved, a partnership with the WFP (World Food Programme) can be made and thus act, on the spot during a humanitarian trip.

 II/The Team

My name is Florent Albero and I have been an entrepreneur for 20 years. As my parents are volunteers for the Red Cross association, I have always felt concerned about social differences. I joined the army at the age of 18 and I went on a mission in Sarajevo as a Blue Helmet. I discovered for the first time the great misery and distress of the children living in these countries. The idea came to me when I was walking around Panama City with my son. We met a child, barefoot. This scene, although common and unfortunately trivialized for an adult, challenges my little boy who then asks me: “Dad, why doesn’t he have shoes?”

We decided to create the first humanitarian video game.

My team: We have a team of developers, a team of designers, a project manager, a person in charge of communication, sales people.

III/The counterparties

The most important thing is to help malnourished children. What better way to go on the ground to help them live? We offer you the opportunity to take part in a humanitarian trip to help families in need!

Making a donation means having multiple chances to contribute directly on the spot.

10 €, this represents 10 meals donated to the WFP (World Food Programme). An already very concrete contribution!

From €25 donation you increase your chances of being drawn to participate in our Tombola and try to win a humanitarian trip of about 2 weeks in Togo for one person.

We’re counting on you!

The Tawö team

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